Did you know In 2013 the cost of treating musculoskeletal disorders in the US exceeded $190 Billion. Musculoskeletal disorders have increased in cost per case by 4.5%. The overall cost of care to treat musculoskeletal disorders has increased by 11%. Musculoskeletal disorders account for more than 10% of healthcare spending in the US.

About us

Let BlueChipOCM be your new solution to an old problem!

Do you find your organization is implementing the same old strategies to address your musculoskeletal disorder liabilities? If you have been through all of the old standards and plans, try the new, proven, data driven solution.

BlueChipOCM was created to fill a gap in the industrial based massage service. Companies were searching for an entity that could provide quality, evidence-based industrial based massage services consistently and ethically to help fight overexertion injuries. We stepped up to provide that service.

The Industrial Based Massage (IBM) treatment model encompasses a reproducible, hands-on approach that allows the Provider to select the most appropriate form of massage in order to improve your area of complaint, quickly and objectively.