The practice of yoga is said to connect the participants’ body, mind and breath to create awareness, calmness and improved overall well-being. Previous studies have also found yoga to be beneficial for increasing strength, flexibility and decreasing stress, anxiety and pain related to musculoskeletal disorders. The 2016 Yoga In America Study conducted by the Yoga Journal ( claims 36 million people report doing yoga in the US with women making up approximately 72% of practitioners.

A 2012 review of literature ( )asked the question, “What are the benefits of yoga for musculoskeletal disorders?” With many people in the US suffering from some form of musculoskeletal issue at some point in their life, anything we can do to alleviate these disabling conditions is a good thing. Overall the study found yoga practice to be beneficial for most conditions. The authors conclude, based on the reviews, yoga is likely to be as good as or better than exercise or usual care for reducing pain and pain medication usage. Click the link to read the full study. Namaste!