OSHA has just published their web page dedicated to Safe and Sound Week June 12-18 2017. The have laid out several steps to take leading up to Safe and Sound Week. The site also provides several suggestions for activities for both management and workers, along with several modifiable options to advertise Safe and Sound Week at your company.
Every successful Health and safety initiative at an organization starts at the top. Visible engagement by leadership in the promotion of these events helps the management and work teams to realize the importance of health and safety to the individual and to the organization as a whole.

Get everyone involved:

Leadership can give an update on current health and safety challenges at your organization. Make the management team and workforce aware of any common issues and explain the impact those challenges have on the company.

Management can prepare some short presentations that cover some of the most common health and safety challenges your company experiences. Break up the topics among the management team and have them rotate giving the presentations. Have them offer suggestions to help prevent or reduce any issues and ask for feedback from the workers.

Workers can give feedback on any frontline changes or suggestions that may help your organization meet the goal of reducing or preventing the costly health and safety challenges your organization faces. Don’t just ask what is wrong, ask them how they would fix it. Most workers doing a job over a long period of time have figured out better ways to accomplish the task. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade?

Remember, the most successful leaders don’t just give orders, they shout “follow me”.