Benefits of an Industrial Based Massage Program Improve musculoskeletal health of employees. Control costs associated with musculoskeletal disorders. Increase productivity. Reduce absenteeism. Improve employee morale Increase employee recruitment.

Our Services

BlueChipOCM is the industry leader in on-site industrial based massage programs. We are setting the standards for results driven and evidenced based on-site care.

Our goal is to provide your organization with all the resources necessary to successfully prevent, address and manage your musculoskeletal disorders. We provide a system that, when adopted into the culture of your organization, can provide a solution to employee musculoskeletal health concerns and decreased economic burden to you.

The system is simple really. Success equals:

  • Turn-Key integration
  • Education for Prevention
  • Qualified, Knowledgeable Providers
  •  Efficient Management of Conditions

The BlueChipOCM approach to preventing, addressing and managing musculoskeletal disorders is to catch these issues early. Our prevention services start with education.  We provide resources to help educate your employees in matters of body awareness, proper lifting techniques, workplace warm-up and stretching, and ergonomic considerations.

Informing employees about body awareness helps us address those concerns early when they experience minor aches or discomfort. The longer we wait to address the condition the more severe it can become. Our qualified providers address those concerns using our proven massage techniques. Our team can then manage those conditions by providing advice for workplace ergonomics and access to on-site massage when needed.

When we work as a team all of these parts of the equation equal success!